Company History  
Since its incorporation in 1968, EMI has been a leader in both the precision machining and the poultry deboning industries. EMI continues to produce the highest quality precision-machined parts and along the way has revolutionized the poultry deboning industry. Here are just a few of the steps we've taken in that journey.  
EMI Highlights  
  • 1968 EMI (Evans Machine Co., Inc) founded and begins providing machine shop services to a major food processing industry supplier
  • 1972 EMI becomes involved in developing a mechanical poultry deboner
  • 1974 EMI manufactures the Yieldmaster deboner
  • 1975 EMI provides machine shop services to another major food processing industry supplier
  • 1977 EMI develops an improved screen and auger system for poultry deboning
  • 1984 EMI manufactures the Meatmaker deboner using the improved screen and auger system
  • 1987 EMI specializes in quality replacement parts, offering direct sales and 24-hour turn-around
  • 1990 EMI eliminates the costly thrust bearing through its ongoing R&D efforts
  • 1991 An EMI modified deboner attains an input rate of 22,000 pounds per hour
  • 1992 EMI founder, Dan Evans, incorporates his improvements into the prototype: EMI Deboner
  • 1993 EMI applies for and receives patents for the EMI Deboner
  • 1994 EMI introduces two EMI Deboner models at the 1994 International Poultry Expo in Atlanta
  • 2000 EMI completes the development of its website
  • 2001 EMI opens its new 10,000sq.ft. facility to compliment its existing operations.
  • 2004 EMI attends its 11th International Poultry Expo and continues to revolutionize the poultry deboning industry while continuing our commitment to excellence for all our precision-machining customers